Snapshots: 哥倫比亞 Colombia

Colonial architecture grace every street of Cartagena’s old town 
Fresh fruit juice stand – a refreshing way to chill under the Caribbean heat, Cartagena
Church tower rises gracefully above colonial balconies, Cartagena  
Full moon rises over one of Cartagena’s churches
Arched walkways line the plaza of Cartagena’s historic center
Police welcome a new day as they prepare to patrol the city of Cartagena
Che (slightly overweight?) spotted roaming on the streets, Cartagena
Caribbean women walk about Cartagena selling fresh fruit
Walkway into the historic dungeons of Cartagena
Typical Colombian handicraft, Cartagena
The Butcher, Salento 
Wax palms stand tall in the Cocora Valley
Lush green pastures and wax palms, Cocora Valley
Plaza Bolivar after a night of rain, Bogota
Lady selling flowers and other plants in La Candeleria, Bogota
Shoeshiners and graffiti wall, Bogota
Pigeons flocking to the free lunch, Bogota

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