Day 78: Quite literally a pain in the ass…

Views from bus window as we cruised through the landscape…

On the road to the world’s largest high altitude lake – Titicaca. We decided to take the 7 hour journey during the day than roughing it at night, had enough nights on buses for now.
Woke up with a vicious zit on my ass. Great, not the ideal thing to have when you’re about to sit for the whole day. I squirmed around in my seat to find a position that wouldn’t send sharp pains through my right butt cheek. Thank god the roads are paved; if we were bumping along dirt routes like those in Central America, my backside would be having a hellova ride!

Woman in traditional clothing herding cows

We took a cheap bus – only S15 per person (US$5) for the 390km voyage – well reflected by the state of its toilet, easily the worst we’ve had so far.

Rolling mountains ‘neath clear blue skies

The scenery made up for everything though. Green landscapes and glacier topped mountains rolled pass our windows like a silent motion picture being played to the soundtrack of my iPod. Without knowing it, my mind drifted back to Machu Picchu – mesmerised still by what we saw just a couple days ago…

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  1. ace says:

    thanks for sharing… your zit on your ass doesnt make my lunch taste better you know!

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