Day 72: Acclimatizing at 3,300m!

Cusco, we’ve arrived. Staying at an awesome hostel (Pirawana, one of the best!) with nice thick and firm mattresses. Ahh it has been weeks since we’ve had a proper firm bed to rest our backs. Spending 4 out of the last 8 nights on buses, an orthopaedic mattress and nice fluffy duvets is just what we need. Our 8 bed dorm is smaller than the others but we slept like babies. LOVE the beds here, I could go back to sleep now…

Inca built walls that have withstood numerous earthquakes

The town is packed with backpackers, trekkers, tourists and touts, all getting a piece of the Machu Picchu action (us included). Despite being a tourist hotspot, the town retains its charm with steep cobblestoned alleys, red tiled rooftops and old Romanesque cathedrals. Our 3rd Peruvian settlement, and definitely my favourite thus far. Got up at 6 to shoot but felt like I was 60. Capturing the town at 3,300m altitude wasn’t easy! It was cold and running to position for a shot was challenging – within a few steps I was already trying to catch my breath. Needless to say, the subject (who is accustomed to high altitude) slipped away. Damn.

To help acclimatize, we’ve been drinking coca leaf tea, a local brew that helps prevent altitude sickness. The leaves come from the same plant from which cocaine is derived. How cool :)

Coca tea… not cocaine.

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  1. ace says:

    u guys should have your own version of a show like departures. you guys are having an amazing time and i am so glad to hear you guys are well! miss ya!

  2. Bong says:

    just want to say a quick hi and you guys take care and enjoy your trip!

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