Day 70: City of Stone

Arequipa’s majestic stone cathedral

Arequipa. Known as the “white city” of Peru with many of its churches and colonial buildings constructed from white-greyish volcanic rock. Perched at 2,300m high amongst the cragged Andes mountain range, Arequipa for me is the city of stone. Everything from its grand arched plaza and majestic cathedral seemingly carved out from rock.

Arched walkways in Plaza de Armas

We spent 3 relaxing days here, just kicking back, enjoying the climate and stuffing ourselves on ceviche. Oh ceviche… raw fish soaked in a lemon juice marinade, “cooked” slightly by the acidity and served with a handful of fresh onion strips. Mmm… like a south american version of sashimi – we missed out on this in Mexico and have been dying to reach Peru for some! It didn’t disappoint.

Fully recouped, we are nightbus bound this evening for Cusco & the Sacred Valley. In 5 days, we will be at Machu Picchu – #2 on our must-see list of South America…

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  1. ace says:

    good good times!

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