Day 65: Long Distance Bus Survivors

Squeezing through a manic street at the border

6 more hours to go and we pull into Lima. After 2 nights on buses and 40 hours on the road, the thing I want most is a bathroom. A shower and a seatable toilet. I’m grittier than had I been wild camping for several days, my fingernails turn black when I scrape my skin.

We were lucky and unlucky. Lucky as border crossing went smoothly; I was particularly worried about the Huaquillas-Tumbes crossing having read many negative reports of scams and corrupt cops. The border reminded of images I’ve seen of India – our bus squeezed through insanely crowded streets packed with vendors and parasols. Unlucky however because the bus’ a/c was broken down. It was our worst nightmare. Confined in a box with zero ventilation (sealed windows!) and unbearable heat until nightfall. Had to buy ice to help cool off… not sure how we survived, but we did….

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  1. stickyicky says:

    long distance bus rides without a/c sound terrible. love your blog. backpacking from mexico city to patagonia and around south america in november. can't wait. should be hitting a lot of the same spots you guys are hitting so i check your blogs for updates almost daily. have fun and stay safe!

  2. 山 him says:

    @stickyicky: thanks for enjoying our blog! you're gonna have a blast in November… feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

  3. ace says:

    wow… you guys are the troopers of all troopers!

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