Day 58 & 59: En Route to Ecuador

Stopover in Popayan, our midway point between the capital and the country’s border with Ecuador. A small town with its own character that was refreshingly different from other Colombian settlements we have been to. The streets are lined by whitewashed houses that felt blindingly bright. Stumbling into the main square was like a spiritual cleansing – everything was pure white!

After a night in the white city, we left for Ipiales. Had to do this 9 hour stretch of twisting mountain roads during the day as apparently the route is notorious for hijacking at night. A long day spent on wheels but made up for by the beautiful scenery on the way. Besides, we were only staying in Ipiales to see the Sanctuary de Las Lajas, a magnificent church built across a gorge after a local man saw an image of the Virgin appear on the cliff face. Amazing powers of religion – this was one of the most beautiful churches we’ve ever seen.

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  1. Charlie says:

    We passed straight by Popayan and Ipiales without taking a peek. It's awesome to make it up through your pictures. They are gorgeous!

  2. Charlie says:

    Otavalo on Saturday?! Lucky bastard, gets to see the market! I want to see the pictures!

  3. 山 him says:

    @Charlie: yeeeeeaaah!! The timing worked out perfectly! Will post pics soon.. We bought 2 hammocks.. Crazy!

  4. Charlie says:

    I am so happy for you. Enjoy!

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