Day 51: Friendly Medellin

Fernando Botero’s sculptures in Parque Berrio

After a day in Medellin, we’re on the road for the coffee region of Colombia. It’s a relief to be in the mountains, away from the sticky heat of Cartagena. Weather makes a huge difference to the comfort of travel – we felt reenergized in Medellin, there was a Euro vibe to the city, clean and modern, and exploring it without sweating a gallon made it enjoyable.
We were surprised how advanced and friendly Medellin was (and for that matter the rest of what we’ve seen of Colombia thus far). It’s impossible to imagine this used to be the world’s murder capital, home to druglord Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel. Friendly smiles were everywhere we went and people held a curiosity for foreigners (Asians at least). We would easily get chatted up in random places – the supermarket security guard who asked us to write his son’s name in Chinese; the teenagers on the metro cable car who wanted a picture with KF; the young girls who stood flirtingly close at the subway station with eyes begging for a hello (why doesn’t this happen everywhere)… I s’pose, unlike Panama where Chinese literally operate every supermarket in the country, there aren’t many of us in Colombia. We felt welcome in Medellin and with all the attention from the girls I could easily just stay… :)

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  1. ace says:

    hahahaha love this post! sounds like a blast!

    just to rub it in over here, it was 20+c for the easter weekend. i said to b.. i wish g + Kf were here.. we could go hang out with them at the waterfront.. so thats how much i miss u guys!

  2. 霏 her says:

    boo! we have superb weather here too! dry, sunny and 20c! but ya, would have been nice if we could hang out at waterfront & have yummy egg benedict!

  3. Al says:

    Thanks for visiting, you are always welcomed in our city, glad to be of servic

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