Day 19: So what do you do? I grow marijuana…

Finding our way in Antigua

Arrival in Antigua. Will blog about it tomorrow. Sharing something from yesterday instead:

One of the great things about traveling is meeting people. Real people with interesting professions (ie. not finance). You meet people from all walks of life and it’s fascinating to learn how they sustain or support their travels. There was Eddie from France, a professional rock climber; a Swiss girl living in Honduras who makes necklaces & bracelets; Adrian from Romania, the documentary filmmaker. Then there’s Phil.
I got chatting with Phil at El Retiro. He’s been here for 6 weeks and heading down to Nicaragua soon. I asked him what he does back home in Denver (USA), and got the best response ever:

“I grow marijuana”

Did I just hear that? Fuck yeah! How many times have I heard the mundane response of “banking” or “accountant” or “lawyer”!

I’ve learnt that medicinal marijuana is legal in Denver, and Phil’s basement outputs 15lbs of bud a month, supplying local dispensaries with high quality weed to ease the pain of suffering patients. Apparently the operation is highly labour intensive, requiring a lot of manpower to grow and tend the crop. Phil’s knowledge of the “Canna-bible” is fascinating and so is his profession. I was tempted to ask if he were looking for some financing to grow or leverage his business… :)

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  1. Rafzana says:

    I really like this!!

  2. Alice Cheng says:

    Hello Kafei and Glenn! Glad that you two are having fun now! Miss you guys so much! there's earthquake in Chili, do you guys need to change your route to Chili originally scheduled in May? Take good care dears! Drop me email if you have time!

    Alice C

  3. Alice Cheng says:

    Chile I mean hahaha

  4. HK says:

    haha… "I grow marijuana for living" this is awesome!! :)

    "ease the pain of suffering patients"… that seems a wide enough definition for interpretations… haha

    Glenn, Kafei, hope you 2 are having a great time! Take care my friends!


  5. 山 him says:

    @Alice: Yeah we have heard.. seems like this part of the world is getting a bit shakey. We are heading to Chile around May so hope things will be fine then, if not and if we have time maybe we can do some volunteer rebuilding work there.

    @Jonny: thanks man!! catch up with you in London this summer!

  6. ace says:

    hahahah that's awesomeeeee!!!!!

    eddie also sounds uber cool!

  7. Domico says:

    being an accountant is a mundane answer…oh… well, ray's boring character can be off set with my amazing job: rail scheduler~ wakakaka

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