Day 48: Volcano Mudbathing!

This is the ultimate spa experience – bathing in thick gooey mud!

Like a deformed midget, Volcan el Totumo spews not lava but mud. At about 2 floors high, it’s almost a joke this is a volcano; technically I guess it is.
Though the crater is tiny (and a little disappointingly so), squeezing in with everyone else was part of the fun. We dipped in, not knowing how deep it was or how to stay afloat… but the concern disappeared the minute we were in. It was like bathing in a thick black sesame pudding (芝麻糊), so thick you could barely move around, let alone sink. I tried to reach with my feet to see if there were a bottom to the pit but nope… guess it was a “volcano” afterall!

Volcan El Totumo – like a giant ant mound
Absolutely mud-ified!
Washing off in the lake nearby

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  1. ace says:

    ooh awesome!!! and now your skin is going to be all smooth and pretty now :P

  2. Ray says:

    Wow, that's pretty awesome!

  3. Mui Mui says:

    Bathing in the black sesame pudding is really awesome!!! Did you swallow any pudding during the bath? heheee…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did you shit in the mud pool? may be the mud you wipe on ur face is actually somebody else's shit

  5. Brian says:

    right on paul!! right on!! glen your an amazing photographer…. I aspire to be like you!! you are my hero!

  6. ace says:

    it's glenn, BRIAN!

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