Day 36: In Good Company

Having spent almost two weeks in stale hot temperatures*, we couldn’t get ourselves to leave Monteverde’s cool crisp mountain climate. The weather here was perfect and the atmosphere so laid back we wanted to stop and take it slow (ie. see nothing for a day).

In fact our decision to stay longer than planned was only partially weather related. There wasn’t really anything outstanding about hostel Montelana but the friends we met here made us feel at home. For the last three nights we bonded in the kitchen chatting and eating, sharing fruit and wine. There were no strangers, no differences by age, ethnicity, or beliefs (indeed Michel’s religion of “a bottle on the table must be emptied” was widely accepted) – it was like family; old friends at first sight. Having stayed at so many hostels now, I could say it was rare for travelers to come together as we did here.

May the good vibes roll on…

*we were reminded of what luxury A/C was when we stepped into an air conditioned ATM booth in Liberia the other day.. it had been weeks in 30+ degrees weather without A/C!

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