Day 35: Doing the Tarzan & Superman!

Canopy tours are all the fuss in Monteverde, and also the reason we’re here. This is where zip-lining all started – “flying” across the forest canopy as you hang from a zip line in a safety harness. I first heard of this activity from a colleague who visited Costa Rica a year ago but never imagined it to be such a unique way of experiencing the forest – I mean how else would you be able to feel like a bird on speed as you whiz through trees?
It turned out zip-lining was not the only way of having forest fun. The parks here have come up with crazy things like “Tarzan” and “Superman”. Yes, tarzan I could picture but what the hell was superman? I was shown a picture of someone hanging from a zip-line, face down toward earth and arms stretched out just like the superhero. It was the ultimate way of “flying”…

…and holy moly was it insane! We flew along an 800m stretch of wire, with feet and hands in free air, flying high above the canopy. It was a day of monkey business at the park, zooming from tree to tree. The exhilaration more than made up for the bumpy roads and being dropped off in the middle of nowhere to get here. Awesome!

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  1. Rafzana says:

    That is superb!! With every message you post, I get more and more respect for you guys!!

  2. Bernice says:

    LOL!! I can hear the (real) monkeys!!

  3. Michael Mo says:


  4. Rosanna says:

    this is awesome!!!

  5. Kenrick says:

    HAHAAAAAA LoL! Tarzan was hella funny and Superman looks hella funnnnn!!!

  6. mui mui says:

    Hahahahaah… I can't stop laughing when I watched these videos! Oh they are just too good!

  7. 霏 her says:

    It was indeed very fun! I couldn´t help laughing myself too! Mui mui, did you hear me screaming? I was super nervous!!

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