Day 33: From Nicaragua to Costa Rica by foot

Leaving Nicaragua

We’re on a bus to Liberia, Costa Rica! Customs was a breeze albeit troublesome. Having travelled for 4 hours by minivan, ferry, and chicken bus to the border, the last thing you wanna do is haul your backpack and walk a kilometre in the scorching sun from Nicaragua to Costa Rica.
We had to first look for the right building to get our exit stamp from Nica. It was chaotic but thankfully we didn’t run into much trouble. Then we had to hike over and look for the corresponding building on the Costa Rican side. Border security was non existant - looked like sneaking into the country would be easy as we could have just jumped onto this bus without clearing customs at all. Once we hit the road, however, it was a different story – we’ve been stopped twice by routine police checks!

Post Note: Ouch, everything here in Costa Rica is so much more expensive, at least double of what we’re used to paying! And it doesn’t help when US$1 = C$540… so you can imagine how blown up the prices look… bottle of water for C$620, toothpaste for C$1000…

Walking over to Costa Rica…

and we’re finally there!

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