Day 32: An island made of two volcanoes

Volcan Concepcion rising in the distance

We’ve been struggling for days whether or not to visit Ometepe – an island that came into existence when twin volcanoes Concepcion and Maderas erupted in Lake Nicaragua. Getting there wasn’t a problem, but seeing the island properly would be tough primarily due to the lack of frequent public transportation. Getting from the pier to the next interesting town alone takes 1.5 to 2 hours. And we didn’t have enough info to figure out where we should go for the best views.
It was a postcard picturing Volcan Concepcion silhouetted in red sunburnt skies that lured us here in the end. Looking at a map of Ometepe, my finger pinpointed Santa Cruz as the closest spot for the same view. Worried about accessible accommodation at Santa Cruz that didn’t involve a kilometer hike or more uphill, we decided to get off at Santo Domingo instead. I was really let down, Concepcion was not visible here. Too late though, there wouldn’t be another bus to Santa Cruz until Monday.

Will try and hike over to Santa Cruz, 3km away, at sunrise tomorrow and see if I can catch the view I came for…

Post Note (14 March 2010): No luck this morning – overcast. Concepcion was shrouded in white. At least it decided to farewell us with a small eruption as we left the island!

Concepcion with a cloud cap on
As we left the island, it exploded with a plume of ash!

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