Day 29: Finding a piece of paradise

An impressionist sunset
(the white speck in the top right should be Venus or Mars – anyone know?)

Nicaragua had been lacking somewhat since we got here; to be fair it may have been a little to do with travel fatigue – oh another colonial town, oh another volcano…

But today we finally found a haven that reignited our senses – San Juan del Sur, a bay on the southwestern coast of Nicaragua, boasting a perfect curve, welcoming tides from the Pacific, and a magical sunset. The town is laid back but there is no lack of activity – surfing, ziplining, fishing, and even turtle watching (unfortunately out of season for us). There’s a gym nearby and I think we may stick around a little so we can catch up on some well-being…

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  1. Under the radar says:

    Hey there. we are gonna be there next, where did you guys stay and was it any good? so funny you say traveler fatigue, we are feeling just the same having traveled down all the way from Mexico to here, havent been blown away by Nica yet.

  2. 山 him says:

    We stayed at a private home/pension because the hostels were pricier and overcrowded. You can find plenty of them around San Juan, just walk around and compare for yourself before setting on one. You can usually negotiate a lower price if you stay for more than a night. Surfing and fishing are probably the best things to do in Nica! Have a good time!

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