Day 27: My stomach feels fine.. for real??

Spending the afternoon chilling at Las Penitas

Woke up this morning feeling relieved than ever. No stomach ache, no diarrhea. Whew.

I shouldn’t have chowed down that piece of meat last night.
Lanquin Phil was in town yesterday, and we chilled in the evening together, taking a walk around Leon watching the locals spend their Sunday night. We hung out back at the hostel afterwards and soon enough Phil headed out again for some grilled street food. I was just gonna grab a veggie burger here, but the cafe was done for the night. Having the munchies, I couldn’t resist the temptation of grilled meat and headed back out to catch Phil.

It was a street stall on wheels and I ordered the same shit Phil had, thinking if this big American boy can eat it, surely there’s no harm. I didn’t have much sense in me until we sat down beside 3 stray dogs staring enviously at us, jaws down, tongues hanging out. Oh yeah they were drooling alright. If they weren’t so dirty and scratching off their fleas right next to me, those hungry eyes would actually look pretty cute.

I only got through half my plate and let Phil finish the rest. I looked back as the vendor pulled out more meat from a large wet plastic bucket and began having doubts – afterall, we were in a quiet dark street behind the cathedral. I was sure of it – of all the gritty places I’ve eaten, I’ve just added a new entry that tops the list.

Trust me, I have no intention of relegating last night to second place.

The food does look ok if it weren’t for the dogs…
… or the meat in buckets.

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