Day 24: Our longest stretch on the road yet..

At the Honduras – Nicaragua border

2 days, 3 border crossings, and 936 km later, with an overnight in El Salvador and passing through Honduras this morning, we’ve finally landed in Leon, Nicaragua.
24hr door-to-door journey from Toronto > Hong Kong looks a piece of cake compared to this!!

March 4:
0700 – depart Panajachel
1000 – arrive Guatemala City
1300 – depart Guatemala City
1630 – exit Guatemala / enter El Salvador
2000 – arrive San Salvador (El Salvador capital)

March 5:
0500 – depart San Salvador
0900 – exit El Salvador / enter Honduras
1300 – exit Honduras / enter Nicaragua
1700 – arrive Managua (capital of Nicaragua)
1800 – depart Managua
2000 – arrive Leon


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  1. Charlie says:

    As you can tell, I finally caught up to your entries, after missing the first two weeks. Enjoy the exuberant journey and do not slack on your entries – you two are my eyes to the world, until my turn to hit the road!!

  2. azai says:

    add oil add oil

  3. lili says:

    keep it up. well done.

  4. Michael Mo says:

    KF&G, we are at Leon now. Did the same route as well but in 1 day! Set off 4am at Guate City, and arrived Manugua at 10pm!

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