Day 21: Having a laugh with the locals in Antigua

Got up for an early walk today and stumbled upon a bunch of old locals just killing time in the main square of Antigua. Every morning they would gather in the same spot just to chat and shoot the breeze, and this morning they welcomed us to join them!

We took pictures and had such a good laugh together – one had the hots for KF (jokingly of course) and kept flirting with her, hinting that he had no wife haha! Although we couldn’t really communicate it wasn’t hard to feel the locals’ genuine friendliness. We must have hung out for a good 30 mins and left shaking everybody’s hands :)

Antigua is nestled between 3 volcanoes, with Volcan Agua forming an impressive backdrop to this beautiful colonial town. We were lucky to get in here on Sunday and saw a sea of people dressed in purple robes to celebrate Semana Santa (Holy Week).

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  1. Rosanna says:

    hey Glenn! met up with May & Elsa from IMG today and they said hi! It's a shame we won't meet each other in Peru. You two take care and have fun!!

  2. says:

    @Rosanna: Hey!! How r u?? I know!! We really wanna meet up in Peru too but timing might be too tight… am trying to see maybe if we can meet up in Ecuador instead? I'll have better idea whereabouts & timing closer to late March.

  3. Rosanna says:

    Let us know! We're leaving on 2Apr from HK.. long hours of flight… UGH!

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