Snapshots: 墨西哥 Mexico

Taxi stuck in traffic in Mexico City
Streetlights of Puebla illuminated at dusk
Oldschool Beetle cruising around Puebla
Market day in Zachilla
Lady selling peanuts in Zachilla market, her age is well written across her face
Fine meat in Oaxaca market, grilled on the spot
Oaxaca market filled with hungry patrons and BBQ smoke
Church in Oaxaca at the break of dawn
Early morning jogger in the quiet streets of Oaxaca
Vendor selling breakfast (corn soup) in Oaxaca
Homeless man in San Cristobal watching as a pigeon feeds
San Cristobal de las Casas lit up at night
Handy tools stall on a quiet corner of San Cristobal

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One Comment

  1. Intox says:

    Being a mexican (and actually living in Mexico) makes me feel proud that you two visited my country! Hope you guys had a great time :)

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