Lesson 1: Letting Go

Today was our last day at work. This is where our journey with the Corporate ends to pave way for a new journey to begin.

It took courage to chase our dream of wandering the world. It took courage to leave our careers behind. But I’ve learnt today, it took even more to finally let go of all that has become familiar. The wheels are set in motion now and we begin our fall into the black hole of unknowns. We welcome our newfound freedom not with open arms but heavy hearts; leaving a job behind is easy, saying goodbye to friends is not.

There was the strangest feeling as I switched off my workstation. Symbolically, I was shutting down my last 6.5 years, wiping out a past life and starting all over again. Scary, but liberating!

This journey we are about to embark on, we knew, would be an incredible learning experience. Today, we had our first lesson in letting go…

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  1. Charlie says:

    It takes a tremendous amount of courage to turn yourself into unknown again, as you can tell by people showing immense jealousy yet refusing to follow suit. Keep going!

  2. skilla says:

    I'm so excited for you two! :) Thanks for sharing your adventures and thoughts with the rest of your friends! we could all use a lesson in letting go and i commend you for listening and following your heart! go vagabond couple! :)

    - Priscilla

  3. keiei kissai says:

    Hi Kafei,
    it's so surprise to get your email… but really happy that u still keep my contact till now. I feel so touching when reading your "prologue". Envy you! can't wait to read more and see more from your blog! Take care & Support U! xxx

    P.S. Happy Lunar New Year!
    Kwai Ying, CHOI (your old friend from NTK Primary School) : )

  4. says:

    haha miss choi, of coz i've never given u up! i've been sending emails to u on and off, hopefully u got them =)

    hows married life? it's been more than a year now, no?

  5. 山 him says:

    @Charlie: very well put!! i'm freaking out now…! take care of urself, the world is a small place nowadays so will see u somewhere soon!

  6. Ray says:

    Well said, Charlie.

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