Day 9-10: Is this safe to eat??

Food Market in Oaxaca
One thing Oaxaca is famous for is its cuisine. So we decided to trust the diarrhea medication we had in case our stomachs couldn’t take it. The local food market was a haven to explore but you probably need to close your eyes and just forget what you see if you were to stuff something in your mouth. Raw meat is displayed on every comedor’s counter top, and to stay fed, its better not to wonder how long it’s been sitting there.
Classic Oaxacan breakfast:
chocolate with water (left), and with milk (right)
behind in the display: raw meat
Cocoa beans
Fresh peanuts
Meat & Chorizo BBQ’d on the spot.. the cooked product
looked so good but we wondered about the raw stuff..
Pondered long and hard… and finally decided to try it.
It was sooo good!
Chapulines – fried grasshoppers. crunchy but weird!
Flavours from left to right: lime, garlic, chili
Taco stand

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