Day 5: 恭喜發財!

Happy Year of the Tiger!! 祝各位虎年身體健康、消遙自在、心想事成!

怎樣在異地慶祝新年過春節?幸好這裡有好友 Aviva 與 Vincent,上星期才發現他們原來在墨西哥城工作,真巧!我們這天就簡單地過了;豐富的早餐、聊天、chill & relax、BBQ 等… 還榮幸地做了 Aviva 第一批瑜珈學生呢!能在墨西哥跟中國人迎春接福,派紅包,真是喜出望外!

Taking a break from exploring the country and giving our feet some well deserved rest today. Tomorrow  we hit the road again.
Destination: Puebla (but we don’t have any accomodation or map of the place…)
P.S. i forgot, happy valentine’s too!!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    is the english the trans of the chinese? coz somehow i dont think so.. due to the aviva and vincent?

  2. Joanna says:

    Great trip guys!!!! I'm so jealous of the Tiger Year ahead of you guys. Reading your blog bought back a lot of memories. Wish you two will create a wonderful journey fill with fun, adventure and friendship.

  3. Leslie says:

    Safe travels! Get that you were able to spend CNY and VDay with friends!

  4. Michael Mo says:

    Happy CNY and Kung hei fat choi!…… from the London couple.

  5. Aviva says:

    Vinz and I were so happy having you and Kafei in Mexico City. Hope we feed you well. :) ))))) I am still full now.

    Take care you two and all the best to your dream trip! Or everyone's dream trip?

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