Day 4: Black Magic & Booze

Mexico has its quirks and Mercado de Sonora is surely one of them. This witchcraft market sells everything from voodoo dolls to magic elixirs and everything freaky. Fascinating as it was, there was something that just didn’t feel right… something very very dark was lurking behind these stalls…

Garlic to keep the vampires out?
Devilfish?? This is freaky!
So tempted to buy one of these.

From one market to another…
After lunch we went to the Saturday Market at San Angel which was a lot easier to stomach. This was a weekly flea market where artists flaunt their work.
Artist at San Angel
Beetle taxi and sidewalk art
Death is a common theme

A taste of something strong

Recommended by LP, we met our friends from Toronto (Matt & Ryan, who happened to be traveling in Mex City the same time we were!) to check out La Botica. Literally a hole in the wall, this place was more an apothecary than a bar.

When it comes to boozing, Mexico isn’t only about tequila. The XO version of this liquor, Mezcal, is served in a shotglass but enjoyed slowly in small sips chased by slices of orange and paprika salt. Interesting to taste, but the stuff was strong it would probably have been more fun knocking them down one after another rather than savouring like an aficionado. But that’s just me…

Bottles of mezcal at La Botica
Mezcal & orange slices

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  1. Adrienne says:

    the black magic sounds uber interesting. very interested to learn more about that. its so good to know what is going on in your world. we are just at home watching the olympics. went to aunties and uncles for lunch today and was thinking about u guys :( everything reminds me of u and kf. anyway, take care, thanks for being so good with your updates!

  2. Cass says:

    i m so jealous!!!

  3. Kennis says:

    What a viaje de la vida! You two will be the ones sharing experience that I have yet had. Will see you guys soon!

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