Day 3: Teotihuacan & Basilica de Guadalupe

Teotihuacan: An ancient city built around 400BC with stone pyramids and sacrificial altars. Yes, what you see above are the remains of human sacrifice with their hands bound behind their backs and necklaces made from human jawbones hanging around their necks.

Walking the site of Teotihuacan was much tougher than it looked. The size of the pyramids fooled us into thinking getting down Avenue of the Dead from beginning to end would be an easy ordeal. Because the pyramids were so big, our perspective of distance was completely warped. Afterall this was a city of 175,000 inhabitants way back when..

Avenue of the Dead
Pyramid of the Sun. 248 steps to the top – just don’t slip or else..
Taking a break halfway up…

View from atop Pyramid of the Moon
On our way back, a group of students asked if they could sing for us and asked us to sing along.. but how??

We headed back to the city and enroute stopped at the Basilica de Guadalupe to witness a relic of Virgin Mary. As the story goes, a Christian convert stood atop the site of the basilica and had a vision of the Virgin. The lady’s image was then miraculously emblazoned on his cloak and so the shrine was built. I thought it was going to be some silhouette that resembled the Virgin, but it was actually a full blown detailed painting… hmmm.. not sure how much I believe the story now. But definitely worth the visit to witness the devotion of some believers.
Inside the new Basilica
Relic of the Virgin
did that really appear out of nowhere??

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  1. Ray says:

    Another great day it looks like!

    What caught my eyes was Kafei's Canuck tee!

    Nice one!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you know if they have a chinese tour in Mexico city including the basilica?

  3. Jingjie says:

    I am going to Mexico this Dec. 17th to Jan. 2nd, how amazing it is, you two and 傅真铭基,and me will be in the same place, let me remember the old poem: 年年岁岁花相似,岁岁年年人不同啊~~

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