Day 18: Bat Caving!

Tuk Tuk to the Bat Caves

Today we are just hanging out at El Retiro, enjoying the natural surroundings and peaceful atmosphere (as well as the great food). Swaying gently in hammocks is one of the laziest experiences ever. We could lie in hammocks all day, reading or writing or just listening to the birds sing!

Inside the limestone caves

Closer to dusk we venture off to the caves of Lanquin, home to millions and millions of bats. The entire extent of this massive subterranean world has yet to be explored and as we entered the cave, we were awed by the sheer spatial volume – we were walking into Tolkien’s world wondering if Smigel might jump out to scare us.

As night fell, we sat at the mouth of the cave to catch a natural wonder. Millions of bats in a mass exodus flying out the cave into the outside nocturnal world, like outlaws set free for the night whilst others slept. They flew right above our heads (some were only inches away from our nose) and at such high speed and density there must have been about 50 creatures flapping by every second. Amazed at how these blind creatures have such precise navigation and fascinated by their nocturnal behaviours.

Millions of bats leaving the cave at sunset

Our most memorable experience so far… and made the stopover in Lanquin more than worthwhile.

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  1. Rafzana says:

    Wow, amazing those caves! I've never seen so many bats together!
    Enjoy your trip and lying in the hammock ;-) .

  2. ace says:

    pretty cool! was there a ton of cockroaches eating bat shiet?

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