Day 17: Heading South to Lanquin

View at El Retiro

Wondering if we should have just taken the nightbus straight to Antigua – a proper coach bus, reclinable seats, legroom (read: comfort) and even save a night’s accommodation. Instead here we are on a small minivan with our knees crammed into the seats ahead of us.
7 hours to Lanquin – our stopover point before Antigua, so it had better be worth it.

The roads have been gentle up to Coban, 5 hours south of Flores. The following 2 hours were mountain roads which were ok given some nice panoramic views, but the last 10km stretch was no fun. Rocky as hell, the road hardly existed. Still, our minivan plowed its way through, taking abuse from the jagged stones.

We’re finally at Lanquin, in the rural depths of Guatemala. We came here to check out the impressive natural caves of Lanquin and to stay at El Retiro, a backpackers’ paradise. Cute little lodges perched on a hillside overlooking the river and its opposite banks. Travelers from everywhere are either swimming, sunbathing, or just lazing in hammocks. The restaurant/bar cooked up a great veggie dinner buffet and some awesome garlic bread. This is definitely the best place to kick back in Guate!

Lodges overlooking the view above
Hammocks to laze in…

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