Day 14: Road to Guatemala

Clearing Guatemalan customs in the middle of nowhere

Another 6am start. A 4-5 hour drive from Palenque to Frontera Corezal, the Mexican border. Cleared through customs for our exit stamp, then headed down to the river for border crossing – a 20 minute ferry across to Bethel, the Guatemalan border.

Hiking down to the riverside
border crossing ferries

What we saw were not proper ferries but tiny boats – the type you imagine would be used to smuggle illegal immigrants. Indeed it did feel we bought into an illegal immigration package. To add drama to an already adventurous day, Hyun (a Korean guy we met on the bus) lost his passport in no man’s land. He cleared Mexican customs, but on arrival at Guatemalan shores his passport had disappeared – before clearing Guatemalan customs. I can’t imagine any worst situation than this. Luckily, the Guatemelan officials were super nice and helpful (and not corrupt), they allowed him in so he could arrange for passport recovery at his embassy. Things could have gone so wrong and Hyun may have had to change his career to ferry boy.

feeling like illegal immigrants
Hot bumpy dirt road to Flores…

Once we cleared customs, it was another 4 hour ride, half of which was on a dusty dirt road chugging along at no more than 20km/h, in 35°C heat and no air conditioning. Going at snail pace, there really wasn’t much ventilation even with windows open, not to mention the dust we had to eat. We finally reached Flores at 5pm.

What a day!

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  1. Aviva says:

    Take care you two! Have fun!

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