Day 11: Roadsick!

San Cristobal de las Casas

Just had one of the most memorable experiences ever last night – a nightmarish 10 hour bus ride from Oaxaca to San Cristobal de las Casas. The real roadtrip has begun…
Quality of buses vary depending on where you are in Latin America. I’ve read that Argentine buses are by far the best and somehow I suspect Mexican ones aren’t too far off either. We were impressed when we boarded our overnight bus to San Cristobal – a luxury tour bus with generous legroom and 150° reclining seats. Less than 10 people on board. I thought to myself this is so much better than a long haul flight.

Within an hour, I knew I was wrong. The bus twisted and turned along the mountain route in complete darkness, throwing us from side to side. The road was so bumpy I couldn’t tell if we were experiencing an earthquake or riding the waves in a sea storm. Our heads were spinning and we were on the verge of throwing up. The bus’ headlamps penetrated the darkness ahead, revealing nothing but hairpin turn after turn; I swear, the windshield in front of the driver looked like a 200″ widescreen TV showing some horror movie in HD, and we held front row tickets. I couldn’t look, it was making my head hurt. We moved further back the bus… Unlike traveling in daylight, at night you are trapped in a box and there is nothing to focus your eyes on.

I was worried about KF but couldn’t get up at all. Any minor movement and I’d give in to the dinner that was trying to come out the wrong hole. I remember staring up at the neon blue light that lit up the overhead baggage bins and thinking to myself… “this looks like a rave party but i’m having a real bad trip”.

Later on I could tell KF has fallen into slumber with her breathing and I knew she was ok. That must have helped me relax and soon enough I fell asleep too. We came to our senses, must have been 30 or 60 mins later, and felt much better. The road straightened itself out and was much smoother.

I have hardly ever been roadsick, seasick, or even airsick. We pulled into San Cristobal at 6am without any proper sleep at all. Looks like a great town with many Tibetan resemblances so we’re looking forward to exploring it. Unfortunately, we can’t help but think that last night was something we may have to experience again…

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  1. Rafzana says:

    Wow, you guys really know how to make me feel like I'm experiencing this trip too! Love how detailed you decribe things! And also love the pics of course! Keep writing! And have fun!

  2. Leslie says:

    Aiya.. I think I may have given it to sickness! felt I was on the ride with you!

  3. Dilly Dililumi says:

    The Power of Words!! Fantastic!!!

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