Filthy Filthy Rich

This epiphany came to me on a rainy Sunday afternoon whilst researching our homecoming gran plan. A realization so profound I had to write it down in case I age and forget.


Take a minute to repeat that. Because it’s true.

I’ve not been smoking. I didn’t win the lottery. I haven’t checked my bank account.

But I am filthy rich.

Reading up on the Trans Siberian rail from Moscow to Beijing. Takes 6 days. Add on another 24 hour rail journey from Beijing to Hong Kong. Care to stopover in between, say at Lake Baikal (deepest fresh water lake in the world) and Ulan Bator (Mongolia’s capital)? Why not add another 5 days to explore these corners of the world.

Why not. I have all of 2010.

Over the last 6 yrs I’ve been racing against time. I never really had much. None of us really have much. Being a cosmocrat or a corporate slave means being time starved. Everything needs to be fast. So does Life. All of time invested to achieve career aspirations, a certain status in the world, and ultimately, zeros in our bank accounts. We live each day looking forward to the weekend. We live each month looking forward to the next holiday. We live each year looking forward to the “right time” to do the thing we’ve always dreamed of doing “someday”. But not now, now is not the right time because we have no time.

Like oil and gold, Time is a limited supply high demand commodity. Time = Money

I am filthy rich because I have time. I already feel like a million dollars every time I tell someone I quit my job to travel. I don’t need to drive a Porsche to feel that way. I don’t need social status to feel that way. I don’t need the zeros in my bank account to feel that way. Porsches depreciate; status fades with age; money can’t be enjoyed without time.

I only need to figure out how to make this feeling last lifelong now.

Time is so foreign to us. We all know time = money, but we often forget we all have it. We live fast, we take the quickest route, we create shortcuts.

The irony is you see more when you go slow. You live more when you live slow. And when time is on your side, life becomes richer too.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    bravo..! well said

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