To Go or Not To Go

10 reasons not to go
  1. Fear
  2. sacrificing a promising global career and the opportunity to work all around the world (hey we’re travelling already, just in a “posh” way)
  3. The $$$ that we can be earning and saving
  4. leaving the comfort of a spacious home & security of a job
  5. catching dengue fever on the road and being admitted into a 3rd world hospital with no knowledge of the local language
  6. getting accused as an unauthorised journalist, being detained by rogue cops & losing contact with KF in e.g. Iran
  7. getting accused for holding a “fake” passport (as had happened in Morocco)
  8. getting mobbed and having camera and laptop stolen, ie losing all my photography
  9. can’t practice guitar
  10. uncertainty – not knowing what will happen and how this decision will impact life forever
10 reasons to go
  1. adventure
  2. a taste of true freedom before it all goes away
  3. see the world with our own eyes
  4. regret not the things we do but the things we didn’t do
  5. we only live once & you never know when it’s time to go (fact is, that time will come)
  6. staying true to the roots
  7. havin the balls to pursue dreams, happiness, and things with a bigger meaning
  8. cos we’re never too old to be crazy
  9. opening doors to possibilities and opening arms to embrace whatever is waiting out there
  10. uncertainty – you never know until you try
To go or not to go…?

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One Comment

  1. WA says:

    原来你们也有过这样的挣扎、利与弊的思考。旅程已结束,未来不可知,不过过去的那个gap year 对你们来说应该是很值得的。

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