Countdown to a New Beginning!

Take a deep breath. Breathe out. Here we go, pen to the paper.

I am writing my resignation notice and my heart is thumping to the thought of all the life changing events about to unfold as a result of this email. The excitement of uncertainty, not knowing what will happen next, not knowing what is out there waiting.. the idea of taking life by its horns and the taste of freedom just round the corner of the new year..

Will I regret this? I don’t know.
Will I regret not doing this? Yes.
The letter is drafted. Now is the moment to click send.

Another deep breath. This is it.. no turning back.

This is not the end but a beginning. Beginning of an adventure dreamed about, not just by myself but with KF… our dream for the good part of the last 2 years.

Every journey starts with a single step. Clicking the send button is my first.


Done. No regrets.
Backstage in my head, I can see images of promotion, remuneration, status, job title, corporate glitz, jetset lifestyle, suit and tie, security, a set future… all being crumpled like scrap paper thrown into the trash.

Here I am, naked & reborn.

Exhilarated. Liberated. Almost surreal.

Next: book flights to S. America and backpack our way home to HK!! (Indiana Jones theme song is playing in my head now!)

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