Don’t Settle

Date: June 14, 2009
Location: Harbourfront brunch in the sun, Toronto

Thoughts of the Big Trip again

It seems the right thing to do if it’s been on our minds for the last 18 months

It seems even more right if it’s about chasing dreams and ideals

It can’t be wrong if this is about seizing every moment, living life, living free (before the kids come at least)

But the price is big and I don’t mean the cost of travelling.
The things we’re saying goodbye to, jobs in a company we believe in, the security of a promising future, an exciting career working all over the world…

But are these important if I don’t love what I do? Steve Jobs said “keep looking until you find it [what you love doing]. Don’t settle.”

Don’t let material temptation drive your fears or hold you back. Don’t settle.

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